Strategic Partnerships

We see our customers as partners and we believe a key factor for success is if both parties invest in the partnership.

Custom tailored solutions

We believe that every professional remote controlled solution deserves a fully optimized command & control solution which makes it possible to operate with the highest efficiency and reliability. We offer the highest quality of OEM solutions and give you the flexibility to customize our products with your own brand and logo. Our products are easily extendable with your hardware and software requirements.

With you all the way

For the past 6 years we have worked closely with integrators of the markets leading remote controlled solutions. Therefore we understand the challenges and risks that integrators face when designing, building and delivering enterprise solutions. As part of our delivery, we take great pride in delivering service and assistance during design, development, integration and production, so you can meet the market faster and provide the most efficient after-market customer assistance.

Integration & development assistance

Our team is ready to help with any challenges that might occur during the integration and implementation. We are dedicated and want you to feel safe and secure. Our technical specialist can assist your design/development team in integrating and extending our OEM solutions so that the final solutions are delivered with the highest precision and reliability.

Scalable production with quality in focus

We are designing, developing, and producing all solutions at our facility in Europe. We have implemented a dynamic production process where all steps, products, and parts are tracked and fully traceable. This enables us to scale the production without impacting the quality or reliability of the goods produced.

From vision to product

Experience gained from delivering custom solutions for more than 10 years and in-house development and production enables us to provide a streamlined process to take you from your vision to a final custom-tailored integrable solution.

It takes time to determine what you need

At UXV technologies we believe that you learn from experience. Figuring out exactly what you need and what fits your vision can be a long process. Sometimes, the solution you think you want may not be the one you actually need. On the basis of this, we have customized our operational process, so the solution you end up with is the solution you need.

A process customized to fit your needs

Before initiating the design and production of your solution, we encourage you to verify your software, hardware, and business requirements by purchasing our development kit. The development kit comes with a standardized layout enabling you to test and verify which configuration will meet your requirements. Thereby, making it possible to evaluate your needs and make sure that your requirements have or can be met by our solution.

Uniquely designed just for you

Your development kit is typically delivered within 10-12 days and when you have tested and tried the different options and configurations, we are ready to design your final solution in collaboration with you. The design process will be based on your evaluation, so it fits your needs and requirements. When deciding on a production version you will have great freedom in how the solution will be configured. Configuration options includes joysticks, buttons, interfaces, firmware, software and engraving. After agreeing on the final solution, we will begin the production process and the final solution will be delivered within 10-12 weeks. Once the final production solution is finalized, the rights of the specific product will be transferred to you, making it possible to market the product as your own.


As part of our delivery of key components, we take great pride in offering service and assistance during design, development, production, and operation. A team of responsible engineers are part of all projects, ready to help with any challenges that might occur during the integration and implementation.

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