March 14. 2022

CEO for UXV Technologies is part of the Climate Partnership in the Danish Ministry of Defense

Steven Friberg who is the CEO for the Danish drone and robotic company called UXV Technologies is now a part of the climate partnership in the Danish Ministry of Defense where he together with other important operators are working on possible solutions for how the Danish Forces can be more sustainable.

The Defense shall be the catalysator for the ‘Green Transition’

Like the government's other established climate partnerships, the climate partnership in the Ministry of Defense will investigate new green solutions. In this case, they have discussed among other things alternatives to fossil fuels and the power-to-X effect. 

When the climate partnership in the Ministry of Defense will investigate solutions, they have the Paris Agreement in their considerations. 

For that reason, the focus is to find solutions on how to minimize the CO2 consumption in the Defense. 

The Ministry of Defense reached a new agenda for the green transition where the purpose is to fulfill the government's objectives which are about a reduction of CO2 with 70 percent in 2030. 


Steven Friberg is appointed as vice-president for the Climate Partnership 

Beyond being CEO for UXV Technologies, Steven Friberg will also be Vice President for the climate partnership in the Ministry of Defense. The former Minister of Defense has appointed him. 

It is a huge pleasure to be allowed to take a leading role in the partnership’s work with finding green solutions that can increase the Defense climate effort and at the same time, it can stimulate the Danish export of climate technology. I think that Denmark through close and inclusive collaboration in the climate partnership in the Ministry of Defense can be a pioneering country for the benefit of the Defense, and the society”, says CEO of UXV Technologies, Steven Friberg. 

The employees from UXV Technologies are enthusiastic that their CEO will take on a responsibility and work for sustainable solutions in the Defense area which later will benefit society. 


The war between Russia and Ukraine can affect the Climate Partnerships work

The war between Russia and Ukraine can have an impact on the work of climate partnerships since Russia is one of the world's biggest exporters of natural gas which Denmark uses to produce, especially electricity and heat. This will have a huge impact on the Danish power supply. At the same time, it will also be equivalent to that the climate partnership needs to think of the war between Russia and Ukraine into their considerations. 

The fact that the situation between Russia and Ukraine is escalating every day that passes, is equivalent to the fact that the climate partnerships work will pay attention to the upcoming changes. The most important element is that Denmark's security will be prioritized mostly in the climate partnerships considerations and decisions. 

The climate partnership expects to hand in its recommendations to the Green Business Forum during spring 2022. 

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