Work efficiently

We provide customized ground control stations, electronics, and sensors which maximizes worker efficiency

Experience makes quality

At UXV Technologies we have spent the last six years developing the perfect ground control station. And because of our experience and dedication, you are guaranteed top quality every time you purchase a product from UXV Technologies. We are the first to focus on optimizing and refining ground control stations so they are user friendly and ergonomically designed. 

The history of UXV Technologies goes back to 2009, when the development of relevant technologies made it possible to construct unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which were both easy to use and cost-effective. At that time, the team which would later establish UXV Technologies decided to launch a start-up focused on complete UAV solutions. In 2014 we decided to direct our focus on a selection of key components, instead of developing complete UAV solutions.

Research and development

Since the foundation, we have continued to improve the design, development, and production of an ever-growing selection of products which are easy to use and integrate, with a build quality that meets professional standards.

We believe in the importance of developing stable and professional solutions that enable reliable operations. We also invest greatly in research and development and we work actively with research- and governmental institutions to improve the legislation related to drone- and robotic use.

Uniquely designed just for you

While other companies focus on standard products, we at UXV Technologies understand that no customer or operation is the same. That is why we offer customization of all our products, so you get the solution that fits your specific needs and requirements. We always have our customers in mind in everything we do, and our job is not done until you are satisfied. 

We understand your specific needs and wants, be it monitor requirements, concerns about the operational environment, particular operating systems, or special joysticks.

Purpose-built for the mission

Our open platform allows you to use a variety of hardware options without changing systems or workflows, and therefore you will always be able to use the best drones for every operation. Furthermore our ground control stations can be used across many different aircrafts, vehicles etc, and across different platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Android. Our products are designed for the user, and with the purpose of making operations as easy and stress free as possible.

Top quality service

Another thing we take great pride in at UXV Technologies is our service and assisting options. We know that in order to run an efficient operation, you need a high level of serviceability. We always offer spare parts if needed and day to day repairs. This way you will never be in a situation where your equipment does not work properly and you cannot get the help, parts, or repairs you need. 


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