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Corporate Social Responsibility

At UXV Technologies we are committed to corporate social responsibility, by creating technology that supports the environmental challenges. We strive for an environment with higher renewable energy, less carbon dioxide, and more sustainable options. At the same time, we embrace a diverse and open organizational culture because we believe, that corporate culture can be the catalyst for driving innovation. We embrace and value our employees by offering them a work environment, where they can express their different voices and be included.


We are committed to conducting our business in an eco-friendly way, where the purpose is to improve the future environment. We care about the environment and we take social responsibility seriously. We believe that social responsibility and sustainability complement each other. At UXV Technologies, we work together to impact the environment in a positive way and we encourage our customers and shareholders to follow the same example. 

Sustainable development

We work with advanced technology and our goal is to contribute with a positive impact on the environment.  To achieve this goal, we are developing new technology and using our current technology in a better and more sustainable way. Also, we are trying to integrate ‘circular economy’ in our business model to minimize the loss of resources. 

Our products are primarily produced in Denmark, where 49% (2019) comes from renewable energy sources. We are very proud and excited about this result and we believe that our technology can help gain more renewable energy. 

When we think about impacting the environment, we believe that the best results and biggest change come from within. Therefore, we make sure, that our employees are educated about the environment and how to work more sustainably. We believe that our technology can play a big role in improving the environment, and we feel responsible for taking our planet in a more green and sustainable direction. 

Greener Products 
We have the environment in mind during our production. We offer our customers repair of their product, in order to save resources and energy, by reducing the production of new products. At the same time, it is easy to unscrew and replace different components in our products, instead of producing a whole new product, when something is defective. By doing this, we extend the lifetime of the products and we ensure access to valuable resources in the future. 

As a customer at UXV Technologies, you thereby invest in products that contribute to a better environment. 

Diversity and Inclusion

‘The world is different outside so we have to be different inside’ 

At UXV Technologies it is important to create a culture based on diversity, which we work on every day. We embrace diversity and believe that a diverse organization can only enlighten us with new ideas and ways of thinking. Our employees come from different cultures and speak different languages, which we believe makes us a unique team with different perspectives. 

‘We value our people’ 

We admit that without our employees, our business would be non-existent. We believe that our employees are the company’s most valuable asset and the result behind our success. Therefore, we aspire to be a workplace marked by a welcoming and safe environment that offers growth and space for different voices and thoughts. Moreover, it is important to us, that our employees feel included because we believe that inclusion leads to success. Hence, we believe that this kind of culture causes happy employees and a positive environment and a great workforce.

Human- and Employment Rights

As a part of our corporate social responsibility program, we have requirements when it comes to choosing a supplier. We demand that the supplier offers good working conditions for their employees, and we do not support child labour or unsafe work. Therefore, we take time to look into our suppliers and assure that they offer working conditions, that we can vouch for.

At UXV Technologies we care about employment rights as much as we care about basic human rights. We do not support leaders who exploit their employees. We care about safety and proper working conditions. 

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