World-leading control platforms

UXV Technologies has spent many years developing the perfect ground control station. This gives us a lot of experience and knowledge and enables us to deliver the right solution every time.


Enterprise ground control station

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Budget-friendly ground control station


Ultra-mobile ground control station


Hybrid ground control station


Portable ground control station

Micronav Android

Ultra-mobile ground control station for Android

C2Nav Android

Hybrid ground control station for Android

From idea to product

Custom Production Ready Ground Control Stations 


After agreeing on the final solution, we will begin the production process and the final solution will normally be delivered within 10-12 weeks.


The design process will be based on your evaluation, so it fits your needs and requirements. When deciding on a production version you will have great freedom in how the solution will be configured. Configuration options includes joysticks, buttons, interfaces, firmware, software and engraving. 

Test & Evaluation

Before initiating the design and production of a customized ground control station, we encourage our customers and partners to verify software, hardware, and business requirements by purchasing one or more Aeronav development kits.

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