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Increase flexibility and efficiency with our new Swappable Radio Modules

At UXV Technologies we proudly present our new Swappable radio modules, built for our SRoC controller.

Many ground control stations are built with proprietary radio systems, limiting the options for customization and compatibility with other systems. Swappable radio modules offer a solution to this problem, allowing ground control station operators to easily swap out radio modules for different frequency bands or communication protocols, improving versatility and efficiency.

UXV Technologies’ Swappable Radio Module (SRM) is a US government standard for defense robotics. With our SRM radios you have more than 25 different radio configurations available which all fit the same interface.

Our SRM radios offer a high level of flexibility, since you are not locked to one system, but can swap radios as you like, when and where you want it. With SRMs, the wireless modules can be upgraded quickly and easily without the need for costly hardware changes or redesigns.

Our SRM’s come in two different types: SRM-S and SRM-L.


With our SRM-S radios you get a radio that uses under 15 watt and thereby runs only on internal power from the SRoC controller.

The SRM-S can be delivered in several configurations and fits radios from all well proven vendors, such as doodle labs, Microhard, Trellisware, SBS, and SDR.

Our SRM-S radios



A SRM-L radio (from UXV) normally uses more than 15 watt, which requires an external twist on battery or power through the SRM sledge.

The SRM-L radios from UXV can be configured and delivered with radios from vendors like Persistent Systems, Silvus Technologies, Trellisware.

Our SRM-L radios


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