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Spring is the time for learning and growth

UXV Technologies have been busy during springtime and are looking forward to a summer with new things on the drawing board.

Henry Rollins once said: “In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.” For UXV Technologies that has proven to be the case.

In March, UXV Technologies was nominated as a finalist for AmCham's 2022 Transatlantic Company of the Year. The award recognizes the important contributions and positive impact of Danish companies investing in the United States. UXV Technologies was in the final with Terma and Rockwool, and even though they got second place, the nomination is still a big acknowledgment of UXV Technologies' work and growth.

“It's a great honor to be next after Terma. They won the Transatlantic company of the year award and being in the final together with Rockwool, I can only be proud of UXV Technologies”, says Steven Friberg, CEO of UXV Technologies.

The spring of 2022 was also the time when UXV sent their first drones to Ukraine to help in the war against Russia. In May the first Vector drones were delivered in collaboration with Quantum Systems.

“We are extremely proud to see our technologies as part of Quantum Systems solutions being fielded where it matters most. Supporting this mission in Ukraine is crucial and we at UXV Technologies could not be more proud to see this level of integration with the best technologies in the world!” says Steven Friberg about the collaboration and the work in Ukraine.

Steven Friberg has also had a busy spring. CenSec and the US embassy recently welcomed SelectUSA for sparring and advice on how Danish organizations within the defense and security sector can expand operations to or in The United States.

Steven Friberg talked about UXV Technologies' own experience with the SelectUSA program and their unique journey in The United States. Steven has also entered a new role as vice president of the climate partnership in the Danish Ministry of Defense, where he works on making the Danish forces more sustainable. In May the partnership handed over the report and recommendations to the Danish minister of defense.

But success means nothing if you do not have someone to share it with. UXV Technologies is growing and evolving as a company and just this spring, they hired 11 new employees in different positions around the organization.

Spring has been an excellent time for UXV Technologies. But “a little bit of summer is what the whole year is about.

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