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Unfold your talents at UXV Technologies

A job at UXV Technologies is a blow stamp that opens up opportunities. We demand high-quality work from our entire team and we strive to help each individual unfold his or her unique talent.

UXV Technologies is in rapid development, growing bigger and expanding daily. About six months have passed since we moved into our new and bigger building in Ishoej, where new opportunities for our company, production, and products were opened.

Because of this, we are offering a lot of new and exciting positions that can help take UXV even further.

A Unique Team

UXV Technologies is filled with different personalities and talents. And these differences are what make us a great and unique team. We are ambitious and team-oriented. We demand high-quality work from our entire team, and we believe that if you enjoy going to work and thrive, it will reflect on the quality of your work.

“The job as a mechatronics engineer allows you to possibly flex all aspects of your degree background and skill set - that of mechanical, electrical, and software development - in a unique way that ties all three of them together in the same project,” Says Sam De Boer, one of UXVs mechatronic engineers. He further adds:

“Every project is challenging and exciting in its own way - Encapsulating what a customer needs effectively is a learning experience and very important so that UXV Technologies and the customer are both happy at the end of the day.”

At UXV Technologies, you will not just be another employee. We believe everyone has a unique talent, and we cannot wait to see yours unfold.

We believe in inspiring each other and learning from each other, and we enjoy seeing how different people and talents work together to create something unique.

If you want to be a part of our journey, you can look at our open positions at our Career site

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