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Electronic Engineering

Do you dream of working with technology in one of Denmark�s most attractive firms? Make that dream a reality now.

As an electronic engineer at UXV Technologies, you will play a key role in our rapidly growing product portfolio. This calls for a skilled electrical engineer and preferably a lot of experience with producing and testing electronics. We have great expectations when it comes to your Electronics skills. UXV Technologies is known for its high quality, expressed at every stage of tackling an assignment. Our Electronics engineers must deliver a solution as robust as possible and never compromise on the quality of the work. Therefore, it is expected that you can keep track of multiple design elements and technical characteristics when performing your work tasks.

You are ambitious and okay with high standards and expectations

At UXV Technologies, you will pursue a career in an environment characterized by team spirit, drive, and high professional standards. We are ambitious, and we expect each other to perform at a high level. At the same time, we find it essential that you can improve your unique skills and talents, and we want to help you do that. At UXV Technologies, we do not wait for change. We drive it. We embrace the spirit of experimentation and striving for excellence without fixating on perfection. We never shy away from opportunities to develop; we seize them. You will be investing your unique skills in an environment focused on exchanging knowledge, where your talent and experience are highly valued.

Spend your days at the most exciting workplace

UXV Technologies is characterized by a workplace of dedicated employees. Together we strive to set ambitious goals and to make a difference for our customers through stable deliveries of high-quality products. We, and the technology industry, are in constant development. Therefore, the job is never the same and offers many exciting challenges, which we solve by always being at the forefront of technology, systems, methods, and processes by bringing teams of talented employees together.

Ready for development and challenges?

We offer you the opportunity to work with exceptionally talented colleagues and a wide range of opportunities for professional and personal development. So if you are ambitious, dedicated, and enthusiastic, we are looking forward to meeting you.

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