Driven by technology

We believe in the power of nurturing strong partnerships with our customers by investing in understanding their products and services. This enables us to become a trusted advisor and a strategic supply chain partner who can supply key components that perfectly integrate, extend, and add value to our customers’ existing products and solutions.


The core of our DNA consists of three elements: Technology, Quality focus, and Business acumen. 

Technology – We were born as a spin out from a successful drone manufacturer. We saw a great demand for components of highly technical products and solutions, which would enable integrators to focus on their main product and their customers, instead of developing and producing components that should have been available as ‘on-the-shelf’ products. With our background as integrators, we know and understand the challenges that integrators face while delivering and servicing robotic solutions.

Quality focus – When we set out, we knew that price should not be our key competitive advantage; instead, we should focus on quality in all dimensions, such as ease of use, ease of integration, ease of development, and ease of servicing. However, always with an underlining focus on quality in the actual product.

Business acumen – Because of our strong relationship with our customers, we are able to inspire and get inspired in new ways of carrying out robotic and technological projects. This allows us to add value to our customers, by delivering better products and forming partnerships which enable the development of new groundbreaking solutions.


The history of UXV Technologies goes back to 2009, when the development of relevant technologies made it possible to construct unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which were both easy to use and cost-effective. At that time, the team which would later establish UXV Technologies decided to launch a start-up focused on the development of complete UAV solutions.

During the first years of existence, we quickly experienced at first hand the challenges involved in delivering professional solutions made with the components and parts that were available at the time. Therefore, in 2014 we decided to direct our focus on a selection of key components, instead of developing complete UAV solutions. Since the foundation, we have continued to improve the design, development, and production of an ever-growing selection of products which are easy to use and integrate, with a build quality that meets professional standards.

Since the beginning, with a basis in “hacker culture” and business acumen, we have been dedicated to developing reliable products that enable our customers to speed up their innovation processes by letting them focus on their core competencies.


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