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As an intern at UXV Technologies, you contribute to maintaining and developing the framework that creates the basis for optimal software. You get the chance to challenge your theoretical knowledge and solve practical tasks. At the same time, you gain great insight into our work areas and build a strong network of talented colleagues while creating an excellent foundation for your future career. If we see future potential in you and if you carry out your assignments with great success, we will together assess your opportunities for a student job when the internship period is over. Usually, an internship with UXV Technologies lasts between four and five months or 14 weeks, and the internship is full-time. You will be able to intern in human resources, communications/marketing, finance, or in our legal department. As an intern in our standard functions, you will help support the business and have your own fields of responsibility. You will have the opportunity to test your practical and theoretical skills by solving specific case tasks individually and collaborating with colleagues. As a result, you will significantly influence your work, and you will receive sparring and guidance, and feedback on your work from your colleagues.

We take care of your development

When you start your internship at UXV Technologies, you will be attached to a specific department, manager, and tutor who will oversee your professional and personal progress. In the course of your internship, you will be allowed to rotate and get acquainted with several of our practice areas. Our rotation scheme is very flexible, and you can therefore use your time with us to identify the practice area that you find most appealing.

Our expectations

We expect that you are professionally skilled, curious, and a team player who can bring your professional knowledge into play and who participates committed to life in the office. We do not expect you to know everything, but we hope you will ask questions and be willing to learn and develop. Your personal and professional growth is essential.

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If you have any questions, are curious about our products, or would like to learn more about us, you can contact us by pressing the button and filling out the contact form. We look forward to speaking with you.