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A career as a software developer calls for a high level of knowledge and understanding of software development, determination, and a winning mentality. As a developer at UXV Technologies, you should have all three.

You are ambitious and okay with high standards and expectations

At UXV Technologies, you will pursue a career in an environment characterized by teamspirit, drive, and high professional standards. We are ambitious, and we expect each other to perform at a high level. At the same time we find it important, that you are able to improve your unique skills and talents. We will help you achieve your professional goals and personal growths
As a software developer, you will have the opportunity to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. You will work in close collaboration with your co-workers and have a big influence on your own work.

We believe that constructive conversations brings the best results

At UXV Technologies, we are ambitious in our work. And we are passionate about our professional standards. But we also listen, provide feedback, and act as sparring partners to ensure that the professional framework surrounding you, supports the enhancement of your skills in the best possible manner.

We offer a flexible and attractive salary and employment terms in a working environment characterized by honesty, humor, and professionalism. It is essential for us that there is room for every personality and talent. The development of your potential and personal growth is essential to your work satisfaction and the success of UXV Technologies.

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Are you ready to be challenged by the job as a software developer at one of Denmark's leading technology firms? Then we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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