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Student assistant

Kickstart your career during your studies.
You bring your passion to work. We help you live it.

As a student assistant at UXV Technologies, you get the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge to practical work and get even more out of your studies. You will get professional challenges, sparring, and continuous learning and development in close collaboration with some of the country�s most talented people in modern technology. Your work will be planned to allow you to get acquainted with life as a software engineer, engineer, or marketing assistant, and your tasks will be decided based on our wants and your interests. We are always interested in hearing your ideas and visions, and you will have a significant influence on your work and how to form it. We are aware that you are still under education, and therefore we do not expect you to know everything. However, we expect you to be curious and willing to learn and develop. And you should not be afraid to ask questions for help. We strive for a work environment where it is okay to ask questions and where mistakes can happen from time to time as long as you learn from them.

Flexibility and working hours

Our student assistants work approximately 15 hours per week. Your work will be coordinated with other student assistants, and we aim that you will be able to work together and learn from each other. Your work hours will be adjusted to your studies, and at exam times, the 15 hours are flexible. We understand that you will be able to work more or less during different periods. You are always welcome to use our facilities, whether you are preparing for exams or writing your thesis, and we will be pleased to advise, guide, or help.

Your life and your career

As a part of UXV Technologies, we expect you to have great expectations for your life and career. We expect you to have high professional qualifications, which you are willing to further enhance in collaboration with us. In addition, you should be interested in modern technology, and English proficiency at a high level is essential.

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