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Privacy Policy

1. Protection of your privacy

UXV Technologies ApS handles your personal data very seriously and confidentiality. We assure you of reasonable and transparent data processing in agreement with valid regulations about processing personal data. 

This privacy policy presents how we treat your personal data as potential, current, or future consumers in UXV Technologies, and how we treat your personal data on our website. 

When you visit our website, sign up for our newsletter, fill out a contact request, perform a purchase through our website, or submit a job application, you give us certain information voluntarily. UXV Technologies is responsible for the data, and the personal information that is collected. 

2. Purpose of collection of personal data

2.1 When you visit our website, we store data through cookies and log files. This includes your IP-address, operating system, mobile device, your internet browser, and the pages you are viewing on our website. You can read more about cookies in our cookie policy.

2.2 When you sign up for our newsletter, we store your name and email address. We use these data to target relevant information to you which will be sent to you through emails. However, you can always revoke your permission by clicking on the unsubscribe link which is located in the bottom at the newsletter emails.

2.3 When you submit a contact request, we store your first name, last name, company name, e-mail address, phone number, and the message that you fill in. We encourage you to not fill in any personal information in the input fields.

2.4 When you purchase on our website, you must inform the company/consumer name, address, email, and phone number.  These data will be saved for 5 years in our system. With these data, we have information about which products you are purchasing from us. This regards cf. bookkeeping act under cl 10 hereof. After 5 years the information will be deleted from our system. 

2.5 When you submit a job application, we store your resume, application, and contact details in our HR system built on Salesforce. In this connection, we also use the recruitment system Salesforce. The purpose of Salesforce is to facilitate the recruitment process for both you and UXV Technologies, including enabling effective assessments and communication with you as a candidate. In connection with the use of Salesforce, UXV Technologies receives personal information from the candidates and processes such personal data as part of the assessment of the candidates' competencies and qualifications concerning the relevant position.

UXV Technologies store this information and personal information which are relevant for the job application to evaluate your application. We will also evaluate your presentation and competencies as part of an interview. The legal foundation of your application and resume are located in cf. data protection regulations article 6, sub-section 1, section b of the act. 

If the position you are applying for is requiring a personality test or similar, then you will be informed once we have processed your application. The results of these tests are stored and processed confidentially and will be permanently deleted when the evaluation process is completed unless you get hired by UXV Technologies. The legal foundation of your application and resume are located cf. data protection regulations article 6, sub-section 1, letter b. 

As part of the evaluation, we reserve the right to obtain references from previous/current employers. This will only be performed if we have successfully obtained consent from you following cf. data protection regulations article 6, sub-section 1, letter a. 

We encourage that your application does not contain any personal information such as racial/ethnic background, religion, union membership, sexual preferences, and health information, etc. 

3. Storage and retention 

3.1 For job applications, if you get offered a position in UXV Technologies, your application and further personal information that is collected in connection with the employment process will be a part of your employer folder at UXV Technologies and will follow UXV Technologies’ retention policy. 

If you are not offered a position, we will store your application and possibly further personal information that is collected in connection with the recruitment process over 6 months after our rejection unless you have approved storage over a longer period of this information.

When you upload an unsolicited job application or your CV to our cv-database, your personal information will be saved over 6 months unless you have given your permission to storage over a longer period of this information. 

3.2 For newsletter signup, contact request, purchases, and website visits

You should be aware that we only pass your personal information to partners if we have received your approval. If it is about relevant partners that want to fill in an agreement with you then the handover happens under a legal obligation. Also, if the handover is necessary to put on a legal claim argue validly, protect or concerning following legitimate interests in using information for marketing purposes, cf. data protection regulations article 6, sub-section 1, letter a, b, c or f. Therefore, the handover is depending on the circumstances and are also handed to: 

  • Our auditor 
  • Our lawyer 
  • The court of law 

4. Sharing of information

4.1 For job applications UXV Technologies uses the recruiting system ‘Salesforce’ to administer the recruiting process. Salesforce is a BackOffice service that is developed by Salesforce. UXV Technologies has a data processor agreement with Salesforce. However, Salesforce and their sub-suppliers of IT-services do have access to personal information about candidates who are a part of their management of the service. All sub-suppliers are covered by the data processor agreement to secure data protection following the standard that applies to the data protection law, and for sub-suppliers that are located in a third country will such transfer be protected by the European Commission standard conditions.
UXV Technologies uses external suppliers to deliver and analyze possible test results from professional- and/or personal tests. Moreover, we can likewise to certain positions use recruiting firms and/or headhunters. UXV Technologies have agreed to data processor agreements with such suppliers and ensure the necessary transfer foundation as long as your personal information is being transferred to third countries. 

4.2 For newsletter signup, contact request, purchases and website visits 

To provide you the best possible service, we use the following data processors: 

  • Inc.
  • Shopify Inc.
  • ActiveCampaign Inc.
  • Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and such services. 

4.2.2 Regarding Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and such services we refer to the several services' own privacy policies which you can find on their websites for further information about their treatment of personal data.

5. Your rights

5.1 Treatment of your personal data 

You have the right to get insight into the personal information that we have about you, however, with certain statutory exceptions. Moreover, you have the right to make an objection against the collection and further treatment of your personal information. Furthermore, you have the right to ask that the treatment of your personal information gets limited and that your personal data be settled right if it is necessary or that your personal information gets deleted in certain circumstances. 

Under particular circumstances, you can ask us to give you an overview of your personal data (right of data portability) and ask us to transfer that information to another data responsible. 

You can at any time cancel affirmative consents that you have given as part of the application or during the recruiting process. The cancellation of affirmative consent will operate for the future treatment of your personal data.  If you wish to cancel an affirmative consent, you can contact us. 

6. Contact

If you wish to use those rights or if you have any questions according to the treatment of your personal data, you are more than welcome to contact us: 

UXV Technologies ApS,  CVR-no. 35867503 Brogrenen 7, 2635 Ishoj, Denmark

Salma Salameh

Phone: + 45 52 30 92 07


7. Complaint 

If you wish to complain about your treatment of personal data, you can contact us through the contact information given above. Moreover, you can also send in a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency at Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby.

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