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IP Rating explained

IP 65, IP 68, IP what? If you are someone who has been to our website and visited our product pages a lot, you have probably stumbled upon the term IP Rating. But what exactly is IP rating? And what is good and bad rating?

Electrics and electronic equipment deteriorate or malfunction when water or dust enters the device. An IP Rating (also known as an Ingress Protection Rating or International Protection Rating) is a way of showing the effectiveness of electrical enclosures in blocking foreign bodies such as dust, moisture, liquids, and accidental contact. In short, Ingress Protection (IP) ratings measure how resistant a device is against solids and liquids.

The two digits in IP rating

An IP rating consists of the letters IP (Ingress Protection) followed by two digits. The higher the number is, the better the protection is.

The first digit indicates the level of protection against solid foreign objects, like tools or fingers but also airborne dirt and dust, that can damage circuitry.

The second digit defines the protection of equipment inside the enclosure against various forms of moisture like drips, sprays, submersion etc.

IP rating for outdoor use

IP ratings between 44 and 65 may be used for both indoor and general outdoor use. Anything lower than IP44 should only be used indoors, however.

IP rating chart

IP ratings at UXV Technologies

At UXV Technologies we work by the MIL-STD-810-G standard, however, IP rating might vary from product to product. Here is a quick overview of our products and their IP ratings.

Aeronav: IP65
Aeronav Android: IP65
Micronav: IP65
Micronav Android: IP65
C2Nav: IP65
C2Nav Android: IP65
G2Nav: When closed: IP65 - When opened: IP21
Navigator Tab3: IP65
Optroxa GMB 600: IP65
Optroxa DVC HD+: IP68
SRoC: IP65
All SRM S & L radios: IP68
SRM Molle Dock: IP65
SRM Airside: IP65
Soldier Borne Compute Module: IP68
Mast: IP66

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