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SROC (Soldier Robotic Controller): A Milestone in Ground Control Stations

SRoC of UXV Technologies is a handheld device designed to operate and control unmanned vehicles effortlessly. It serves as the primary interface between the pilot and the unmanned vehicle (UV), offering precise and intuitive control over movements and various functions.

SRoC typically features a comfortable ergonomic design with a range of joysticks, buttons, and switches strategically placed for easy access.

It includes a built-in screen for real-time video feedback and telemetry data. SRoC is equipped with wireless technology, enabling seamless communication with the UV, and ensuring a reliable and responsive connection. They are designed to be user-friendly, allowing both beginners and experienced pilots to navigate through the UV's flight modes, adjust camera settings, and execute complex maneuvers with precision. This controller is an essential tool for soldiers, providing an enjoyable and immersive experience while maintaining control and safety.

SRM compatible: 

This means that the SRoC is compatible with the SRM (Swappable Radio Modules) ecosystem. The SRM introduces a new level of flexibility and empowers defense robotics with cutting-edge technology and seamless adaptability. Unlike being limited to a single system, SRM allows you to freely swap radios as desired, enhancing adaptability.

Off-the-shelf product: 

The standard drone controller is readily available for purchase without the need for customization or special ordering. It is a ready-made product that can be obtained from various retailers or manufacturers.


Night vision mode: 

This standard drone controller incorporates a specially designed mode for operating drones in low-light or night conditions. This mode may enhance visibility or utilize specialized sensors to provide a clearer view in darkness.

Radio agnostic: 

The SRoC is compatible with various types of radios or communication systems. It can establish a connection with the UV regardless of the specific radio frequency or protocol used by the machine.

Compatibility with over 25 different types of radios:

The standard ground controller of UXV Technologies works with a wide range of radio systems, providing flexibility and compatibility with different UV models or systems that may utilize different radio technologies.

Engineered and designed for defense robotics: 

The SRoC is specifically developed to meet the requirements and demands of defense robotics. It is designed with robustness, reliability, and advanced features suitable for military or defense-related applications.

Nett Warrior Connector: 

The controller is equipped with a Nett Warrior connector. Nett Warrior is an integrated situational awareness system used by the military that provides real-time information and communication capabilities to soldiers in the field. The connector allows seamless integration with this system.


SRoC controller


The SRoC operates on the Android operating system, offering compatibility with Android apps and providing a familiar user interface for those accustomed to Android devices.

Sun hood compatible: 

The controller supports the use of a sun hood, which is an accessory that helps block out sunlight and glare from the controller's screen. This feature enhances the visibility and usability of the controller's display, particularly in bright outdoor conditions.


Easy to use: 

The SRoC is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It offers intuitive controls, a comfortable ergonomic design, and a straightforward interface, making it accessible and convenient for both beginners and experienced pilots.


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